• Dolly - January 21, 2010

    See, I know this critter as a ‘roly-poly’ or ‘pillbug’. ‘Doodlebug’ has always been the other name for those critters, who make the funnel trap in the sand, called ‘ant lions’. Lots of ant lions at Camp Bayou…

  • Brian - January 21, 2010

    Yeah, I’ve heard other people say that, too. I believe pillbug is the correct name – and it’s a type of woodlouse.

    And maybe it’s a regional distinction, or just random, but some people seem to use “doodlebug” for these guys – and some people use it for the antlion larva, like you said. I only knew them as antlions.

    And, frankly, I had no idea the antlion was the larval form of a flying creature. I just loved how pre-historic and alien they look – and how cool it is how they create those sand traps. Haven’t seen one since I was a kid.

  • Brian - January 21, 2010

    One of my favorite insect resources is BugGuide.net. Here’s a page where some folks are having the same conversation: Doodlebug.

  • believe - StartTags.com - March 2, 2010

    [...] they … Tags: General // Add Comment Discussion Area – Leave a Comment. Name (required) Mail …Insect Paparazzi · Don't move and I'll shoot!Dolly – January 21, 2010. See, I know this critter as a roly-poly' or pillbug'. Doodlebug' has [...]

  • chuck - August 28, 2010

    These guys were fun to play with as a kid. hehe…

    Check out what wikipedia says about these little guys:
    “They are sometimes caught and fed to pets such as iguanas and other lizards, but this is not recommended since those animals might become poisoned”

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